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My name is Victor Colas, I’m 40 and hail from France. I founded Key4space with the aim of supporting the transformation of space. I’m a contractor, passionate, curious, resilient, creative… I love strategy and playing visionary to develop technologies and business opportunities and specially to get things moving fast.

I have a +14years experience in Space industry. I was lucky enough to work for the best Space actors. They allow me to work with the best teams and to discover Satellites from A to Z, from Engineering team to Labs and clean room (12 satellites), from proposal team to Customer interface, from strategy to the development of a new satellite generation.

Now, it’s time to share my experience and thoughts. I’m proud to say this new role suits me. I’m driven, not to do great things for myself, but to offer and implement Innovative Technology and new business solutions in space.
My contribution is my value: researching purpose and meaning in Space. Let’s define the innovation you need today and the vision you need to win tomorrow.


Even if we are moving fast, today’s world is moving even faster. In order to remain competitive, we need to know how to evolve. Time has imposed choices (technical and management) and today we must be able to review these choices by adapting, iterating and changing with our time.

In this era of the 4th industrial revolution, technologies are no longer frozen for decades, they are already evolving after a few years. The leaders of these technologies have also changed a lot. Twenty years ago, the space sector was one of these leaders and could decide its future but it is no longer the case! Terrestrial solutions have taken the lead and are now imposing their technologies on the market. The competition has also reduced the costs and made it easier to access these technologies. Space actors must evolve and move closer to these technologies or they will quickly lose their economical and technological competitiveness.

The Space sector is going through a deep transformation. Key4Space ultimate goal is to move fast in new technology development, open the field to terrestrial players and review the strategies of traditional players to solve your complex technical and business issues.



Boost the business to generate more growth


Let’s break the traditional boundaries by forging new links between industries



Alignment of mentalities toward the same vision


Use demonstrators as a Technology booster


Key4space is happy to help companies thrive in the transformative age by renewing themselves constantly, experimenting with new ideas and scaling successes. The following services are available (but not limited to)…